YOGA HACKS [are a myth]

I got a PR request today for “yoga hacks, tips, and tricks for plus size people OR those that might not be as flexible as they are used to.” and for a hot second I thought about what I could pitch them. Then the coffee hit and I was like THERE ARE NO YOGA HACKS.

There is no yoga specific for skinny people or plus size people or people in between. There is no yoga specific for flexible people or inflexible people.

Yoga is for every body. Every. Body.

Here’s the only yoga hack: know your body. It changes every day. When you go into yoga class, understand which variation of a pose is right for you - there are so many that cater to every body. Know your boundaries. Do not push those boundaries if you don’t feel comfortable doing so during that particular practice. And finally, do yoga FOR YOU. Not to impress your neighbor (trust me, they’re too focused on themselves to judge how perfect your warrior 1 is). Not to impress your teacher. Not for the ‘gram. You. Do it for you.

That level of self awareness and acceptance is the only yoga hack for all shapes and sizes and genders and species.


Today I want to highlight the force of the woman that is Nancy Christian, founder and owner of Giddy Up Glamour Boutique. I met her in an unconventional fashion - over the phone (who meets over the phone these days) - but it was pretty clear that this was NOT a woman you messed with. She has goals and she plans to meet them.

Let’s take a little trip into Giddy Up Glamour, how it got started, and Nancy’s plans for world domination.

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30 Second Travel Guide : Savannah, Georgia


We did a thing. We got married in a courthouse two weeks ago. :Insert jazz hands here: SURPRISE! So of course we didn’t want to get married then go home and just…hang out over Memorial Day weekend. We took advantage of the long weekend and headed out to Savannah, Georgia to celebrate.


You know me and my love for AirBNB rentals. We scored with Lucky Savannah - great price, amazing location, super slick design.

Something for the modernists out there - The Cotton Sail has one of the best rooftop bars in town to watch the sunset over the river.

One day, when I’m older and fancier, I want to stay at the Mansion on Forsyth. Pictures of it smell like cigars and rich mahogany.


It’s nearly impossible to have a bad meal in Savannah and in our 3 days there we barely scraped the surface.

We went back to The Collins Quarter every. single. day. Mostly for take out coffee, but on the last day we had breakfast there as well. Did not disappoint.

To celebrate mawwige we went to Prohibition - known for their craft cocktails but damnit those brussel sprouts were WORTH IT.

Want some NYC bagels in the South? Head to Fork and Dagger. The neighborhood is a bit sketch, but the food transports you up North.

More cocktails, because Savannah knows how to party. Artillery Bar is not only a gorgeous establishment with a big city atmosphere, but their cocktails are inventive. Plus they have a call button at each table, which makes you feel oh so powerful.

DO /

I’m a broken record on these posts because every time I tell you guys to WALK. Take a walk. Get lost in Savannah. There are so many squares and alleyways that house the most beautiful homes and architecture diamonds.

Go to the market at Forsyth Park if you’re there on a Saturday and have a picnic. Take some time to slow down.

It may be nerdy, but this city is seeping in history. Do a historical tour of some sort - this is still on our to do list. Here are a few I’m eyeing.

Beach it up on Tybee Island. Put your feel in the water. Watch the waves.

I love it here. So much I started day dreaming about living outside of the city. There’s so much to do, so many places to eat, so much history. We’ll be coming back to Savannah for SURE.

Just The Recipe : Lemon Pasta with Shrimp

We came home from a 24 hour stint in Atlanta with the following ingredients at home and no motivation to be in public: pasta, lemon, parmesan cheese, frozen shrimp, parsley.

So I did what any respected, genetically quarter Italian would do and made my best effort to make a pasta dish. The result was as if my Italian forefathers came down from heaven and cooked the meal.

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Own Your Self Talk with Julee Hunt

Quick check in:

How do you talk to yourself? Are you your own best friend or your biggest bully? Be honest.

The unworthiness epidemic has led a lot of us to be our biggest bully, a topic Julee Hunt covers in her book “You Are Worthy! Even When You Believe Otherwise.” The book explains how our world is experiencing an Unworthiness Epidemic where too many people have learned to believe they are "not enough".

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Founder Chats | Island Feather

Claudia and I met four years ago at the first iteration of Soul Circus where she impressed me with her innovative vision of athletic apparel. Her products were made for surfing, yoga, swimming, HIIT classes, SUP, and hiking - you name it, you can do it in her pieces.

In an apparel world where people think we need different clothes for different activities, my minimalist spirit saw this collection and thought, FINALLY. Today we hear where the inspiration for Island Feather came and where the brand is going.

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Hunting the open road + Learning to let go

Learning to let go and be flexible is something I’ve only come to dabble with in the past few years. Everything that people might use to define me - oldest child, German, woman, Libra - screams control, balance, structure, and process. Breaking out of that definitely is an exercise in yoga (not the asana, but the lifestyle of yoga).

We’re in the middle of a move. And a road trip. Because we had two weeks of freedom and only a few places we HAD to be - Breckenridge, Houston, Atlanta, and eventually Fort Benning. So we packed up our car with all the belongings we didn’t want the movers to touch (turns out it’s A LOT), and headed north west towards our first stop: Denver for me, Breckenridge for Austin.

We’re deciding our next step the evening before or the morning of. We’re booking hotels super last minute (thanks to Hotel Tonight).

It’s kind of thrilling. But it’s driving our parents crazy.