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NIX&KIX is a range of soft drinks with a unique ingredient – cayenne chilli! Aside from its health benefits and the amazing ‘kick’, it helps us create great-tasting drinks – without having to use refined sugar. This results in a grown-up soft drink that’s less sweet than most, but with plenty of flavour to keep your taste buds happy.


The founders of NIX&KIX are setting up for a relaunch in 2017 and wanted to review and revive their brand strategy. They have a lot of great ideas but no idea where to start. I've come on board to set a brand foundation, organize their ideas and help build a community of cayenne lovers. 

Define the NIX&KIX target market, where to find them, how to communicate with them, and how to build a community with them.

Interested in trying out NIX&KIX? Check out their stockists here. 




London, UK