Kit and Ace

WHAT: Brand and marketing


- Work with the District Director and Shop Directors to create and execute a clearly defined brand strategy that supports brand growth and awareness within the UK
- Create the strategy for brand and market growth via relationship building, initiatives, and noteworthy collaborations
- Develop and executes pre-branding initiatives for new shops including market analysis, relationship building, event organisation, 
- Collaborate with the Global Brand and Market Team in development and execution of global initiatives
- Develop and executes the pop-up shops and other unconventional brand strategies within market
- Key connector between markets and brand to highlight and bring awareness to local brand stories that need to be shared on a global scale
- Work cross-functionally to develop new brand initiatives and ideas to drive global conversations
- Ensure seamless brand storytelling from a local level to global level as well as from offline to online
- Stay on top of emerging global trends and tactics in brand, marketing, and fashion to provide strategic insight to relevant international team members
- Responsible for a quarterly Brand Calendar highlighting all global, market and local initiatives
- Work with all external PR Agency Partners to ensure the execution of the Global PR strategy is in collaboration with brand initiatives 


Featured as  "Most Innovative Company" by Fast Company

17% of overall shop footfall driven by brand activity

3.3 Million social media impressions

10,000 guests at brand events




The carry on

From Event Magazine

'JJ Wilson, co-founder and head of brand at Kit and Ace, said: "The Carry-On pop-up concept was developed knowing that travellers discover cities online well before checking into their hotel.

"We wanted to create a multi-platform experience that offered the same content online and offline where people could shop travel essentials and explore cities around the world at the same time."'



new shop openings

From Retail Focus:

"JJ Wilson, co-founder and head of brand at Kit and Ace, says: 'The launch of our store in Seven Dials is very important for us as it plays a central role in our expansion within the UK. The West End location alongside the great retail brands made this the perfect permanent location for us. We are looking forward to being part of Seven Dials.'"

Lead on market analysis, community connections and launch of three shops in London - Redchurch Street in Shoreditch, Park Street in Borough, and Monmouth Street in Seven Dials/Covent Garden. 

Community Connector

From MT Art;

"Kit & Ace will unveil soft works by artist Scarlett Bowman in their Borough based store. The fabric-based pieces will be hung in amongst the clothing, drawing association between textiles, colours and presentation."

Partner with relevant artists, brands, and influencers to increase brand awareness across target demographics to drive both store and online traffic.