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Everyone has a different journey of how they came to where they are now. Mine is no different. I've been a soccer player. I've been a runner. I'm currently a Crossfitter. My fitness journey has had stages but yoga has been the one constant. 

I've never been a serious yogi, nor would I say I am now even post 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training. I do yoga to better my training and to counterbalance the hours I spend sitting in front of a laptop working. 

The yoga I teach is directly influenced by the workouts my students have done in the week prior with the goal to increase (mostly shoulder and hip) mobility. I want to give my students tools and poses to take away and do in front of the TV after a long day spent at their desk. 

Yoga should be fun and full of good tunes. Yoga should never be boring. Yoga should make you just a bit uncomfortable but you should leave feeling like you're on cloud 9. 

Listen to my latest yoga playlist here. 
Crossfit DSP, Temple TX USA, October - present 2018. 
Crossfit Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden Germany, February - September 2018.