Working with some of the world’s best botanicals, East London Liquor Company aim is to produce spirits that are accessible in flavour and price, while being of the highest quality of production. In their custom-designed and hand-built Arnold Holstein copper stills, they produce their 100% British Wheat Vodka, three London Dry-style gins and whisky, including a London Rye® they will be releasing at the end of 2018. Located in one of Bow’s most well known historical sites, the old glue factory in Bow Wharf, they are always open for a visit.


East London Liquor Company has many arms, it's what makes them so lifestyle orientated. But with so many arms and so little staff (it is still a start up after all), ELLC has asked me to come on and detail out its brand ambassador, partnerships, and marketing calendar. I worked on with defining their target market, how to reach them, and how to build a community through their target market, ambassadors and partners.




London, UK and Frankfurt, Germany

**Images from East London Liquor's Instagram Page


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