Nancy with her daughter and fellow owner, Mallory

Nancy with her daughter and fellow owner, Mallory

Today I want to highlight the force of the woman that is Nancy Christian, founder and owner of Giddy Up Glamour Boutique. I met her in an unconventional fashion - over the phone (who meets over the phone these days) - but it was pretty clear that this was NOT a woman you messed with. She has goals and she plans to meet them.

Let’s take a little trip into Giddy Up Glamour, how it got started, and Nancy’s plans for world domination.

How did Giddy Up Glamour come to life?

Mallory’s desire for big chunky gemstone necklaces that were $75 each.  With three daughters, and a school teacher husband, it just wasn’t feasible.  So I bought beads and taught myself how to make necklaces.  Mallory is true fashion behind the name.  She lives fashion and keeps up with it daily.  

What is the mission behind the business?  

Well I can type something canned and hokey but in all honesty, it’s to make a profitable business.  I’m driven by meeting sales goals.   Sure I like providing ladies with great looking styles.  But if it’s not turning a profit, I’m out. 

How did you go about setting up the business and getting funding?  

I actually owe no one and have never borrowed to operate.   I’ve built our business solely on only spending what I can pay for immediately. 

Are there any challenges to being your own boss?  

Gosh.  Every.  Single.  Day.  It’s a daily struggle to keep 50+ employees motivated, feeling important in their job and eager to provide the best customer service.   I’m still not great at it as I’m not much of a coddler. 

Tell me about a time you failed and how you overcame it.  

There have been many small failures of product choices through the years.  But I feel like the biggest failure was not jumping into SEO  tags and targeting on Facebook.   We started and grew in a time that no one paid for ads on Facebook and everyone saw every post.  I wish I had found the resources early to understand the changes.  

What does the future of Giddy Up Glamour look like?  

Retail is a very fast paced business where trends change almost overnight.  Right at this moment while so many boutiques are online only, our brick and mortar locations are thriving simply because so many consumers still want that face to face contact.  I’ll have monitor closely in case that trend changes overnight.

You know you want to check out whats happening on Giddy Up Glamour by now. Go on, do some shopping.