YOGA HACKS [are a myth]

I got a PR request today for “yoga hacks, tips, and tricks for plus size people OR those that might not be as flexible as they are used to.” and for a hot second I thought about what I could pitch them. Then the coffee hit and I was like THERE ARE NO YOGA HACKS.

There is no yoga specific for skinny people or plus size people or people in between. There is no yoga specific for flexible people or inflexible people.

Yoga is for every body. Every. Body.

Here’s the only yoga hack: know your body. It changes every day. When you go into yoga class, understand which variation of a pose is right for you - there are so many that cater to every body. Know your boundaries. Do not push those boundaries if you don’t feel comfortable doing so during that particular practice. And finally, do yoga FOR YOU. Not to impress your neighbor (trust me, they’re too focused on themselves to judge how perfect your warrior 1 is). Not to impress your teacher. Not for the ‘gram. You. Do it for you.

That level of self awareness and acceptance is the only yoga hack for all shapes and sizes and genders and species.