30 Second Travel Guide : Savannah, Georgia


We did a thing. We got married in a courthouse two weeks ago. :Insert jazz hands here: SURPRISE! So of course we didn’t want to get married then go home and just…hang out over Memorial Day weekend. We took advantage of the long weekend and headed out to Savannah, Georgia to celebrate.


You know me and my love for AirBNB rentals. We scored with Lucky Savannah - great price, amazing location, super slick design.

Something for the modernists out there - The Cotton Sail has one of the best rooftop bars in town to watch the sunset over the river.

One day, when I’m older and fancier, I want to stay at the Mansion on Forsyth. Pictures of it smell like cigars and rich mahogany.


It’s nearly impossible to have a bad meal in Savannah and in our 3 days there we barely scraped the surface.

We went back to The Collins Quarter every. single. day. Mostly for take out coffee, but on the last day we had breakfast there as well. Did not disappoint.

To celebrate mawwige we went to Prohibition - known for their craft cocktails but damnit those brussel sprouts were WORTH IT.

Want some NYC bagels in the South? Head to Fork and Dagger. The neighborhood is a bit sketch, but the food transports you up North.

More cocktails, because Savannah knows how to party. Artillery Bar is not only a gorgeous establishment with a big city atmosphere, but their cocktails are inventive. Plus they have a call button at each table, which makes you feel oh so powerful.

DO /

I’m a broken record on these posts because every time I tell you guys to WALK. Take a walk. Get lost in Savannah. There are so many squares and alleyways that house the most beautiful homes and architecture diamonds.

Go to the market at Forsyth Park if you’re there on a Saturday and have a picnic. Take some time to slow down.

It may be nerdy, but this city is seeping in history. Do a historical tour of some sort - this is still on our to do list. Here are a few I’m eyeing.

Beach it up on Tybee Island. Put your feel in the water. Watch the waves.

I love it here. So much I started day dreaming about living outside of the city. There’s so much to do, so many places to eat, so much history. We’ll be coming back to Savannah for SURE.