30 Second Travel Guide : New York City

Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower

Start spreadin' the news, I'm leavin' today
I want to be a part of it
New York, New York


Ok it’s a bit cliche to start this post with a Frank Sinatra lyric but GD it, NYC just does it to you. You get cheesy, you get sentimental, you get stars in your eyes. New York City has an energy I have experienced in no other city and after 3 years away, I was overdue for some of the big city energy.


If you have a friend, a relative, or a distance cousin - stay with them. NYC is EXPENSIVE. I spent my 4 nights there couch surfing. At 32 years old. I’m making it I tell you.

If you’ve got some cheddar to spend, check out these hotels:

The Standard High Line is in my new favorite neighborhood - the Meatpacking District. There’s plenty of restaurants, shopping, and wandering to do nearby.


My favorite neighborhood for ever and always will be Greenwich Village - mostly because it feels just like the name suggests.

Arlo SoHo is as close to the village as you can get and bonus you’re close to SoHo, Chinatown, and TriBeCa.



Prepare to eat lots of Italian food when you’re here. I threw my aversion to gluten and dairy out the window because this food. was. worth it.

Terra Winebar is a tiny restaurant in TriBeCa with amazingly fresh specials, the best burrata I’ve had outside of Italy, and orecchiette that sent me back to my great aunt’s kitchen outside of Milan. Just go. Do it.


We headed into NoLita down into a pink basement that is literally the size of my tiny living room to enjoy some modern Italian at Pietro NoLita. The decor is quirky and Instagrammable, the food is inventive, the service could be better.


You can’t go to NYC without getting a bagel. And you can’t beat the classic H&H Bagels.

DO \

Walk. Walk everywhere. Walk through Central Park. Walk The High Line. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge. Walk instead of taking the subway. Soak in that big city energy.

I was super moved by the 9/11 Memorial. I was in NYC just a few weeks after the towers fell and this trip was the first time I went back - it was hauntingly beautiful. It’s worth visiting.


Get your art fix on at The Guggenheim, the Met, and MOMA.