Hunting the open road + Learning to let go

Learning to let go and be flexible is something I’ve only come to dabble with in the past few years. Everything that people might use to define me - oldest child, German, woman, Libra - screams control, balance, structure, and process. Breaking out of that definitely is an exercise in yoga (not the asana, but the lifestyle of yoga).

We’re in the middle of a move. And a road trip. Because we had two weeks of freedom and only a few places we HAD to be - Breckenridge, Houston, Atlanta, and eventually Fort Benning. So we packed up our car with all the belongings we didn’t want the movers to touch (turns out it’s A LOT), and headed north west towards our first stop: Denver for me, Breckenridge for Austin.

We’re deciding our next step the evening before or the morning of. We’re booking hotels super last minute (thanks to Hotel Tonight).

It’s kind of thrilling. But it’s driving our parents crazy.