30 Second Travel Guide : Marfa

Marfa, Texas

Marfa, Texas

This week we head to the art town of Marfa in West Texas.


We got to Marfa in what must have been the “off season.” We walked around town and saw no one, it was a bit eerie. It’s clear the hipsters have started to take over, so get here before final hipster-pocolypse takes place. Overall we’re glad we checked Marfa off the list because life probably won’t bring us ‘round that way again.


Hotel Saint George was a design mecca in a sea of motels you find driving through West Texas. Aesop in the bathrooms, stylish digs, and the details - oh the details. They had ear plugs because a train runs through Marfa blasting its horn at all hours of the night. You have to appreciate that level of detail in a hotel.

Apparently in the summer there’s a nearby pool and bar that’s popping.



Never come to Marfa on a Monday. Everything is closed. We went to the one open restaurant in town, it was alright. Nothing to write home about.

So instead, here’s where we got coffee on our way out the next day - it’s a laundromat slash coffee shop. I respect that kind of business blender.

Frama is everything you expect from an artist coffee place - good coffee, oat milk options, people with wirey hair and overalls sitting inside enjoying their coffee.


DO \

Pull up a barstool and drink a few $2.50 Lonestar Beers with the locals at Lost Horse Saloon. Bartenders make great conversation and there’s live music every night.


The source of all this artist and hipster madness is Donald Judd, who moved out here back in the day to escape the art world madness of New York. The Chinati Foundation is where you’ll find all of his artwork and some of his colleagues. Highly recommend.


On the art note, make the drive to see Prada Marfa. You know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s dope.