Knowing Your Worth with Julee Hunt

Hands up, how many of you are a permanently exhausted pigeon? Juggling work, being a single parent to yourself slash being a parent to a dog slash a parent to children, trying to keep up with hashtag content, trying to have a social life, figuring out taxes - I could go on but it’s stressing me out.

You’ve heard a lot in that hashtag content flood about self care and self love, and I wanted to share some tips on knowing your worth from my friend, my client, my mother-in-law, Julee Hunt.

Julee knows quite a bit about being a worthiness warrior; she spent a majority of her adult life going for gold. Chasing that glass ceiling. Crushing goals. Breaking stereotypes. She was a big wig at an IT firm until a lay off devastated her. She was depressed and had lost her own identity.

Sound familiar? I know I’m guilty of defining myself by my job.

She decided to shift her “soul-sucking” ways and devotee herself to healing and studying to profoundly change her mindset, reclaim her own life, and start dreaming again.

Here are some tips and tools from her #1 International Best Selling book on how to find your worth and relearn how to love yourself:

Learn to love yourself unconditionally

This was a tall order for me because I spent decades not loving myself and I consciously was not aware of it. 

  • 1st: Determine if this is an issue for you - look in the mirror, deep into your own eyes and say, "I love you". If this is difficult, this is the perfect place to start. At one point, I could not even look myself in the eyes and say this to myself.

  • 2nd: Start by saying, "I'm willing to learn to love you". Say it over and over to retrain your brain. Every time you go by a mirror or see your reflection in a window. Say it until you can say, "I love you". 

  • 3rd: Be kind and gentle with yourself - if you are like me and have had decades in training of not loving yourself, this will not happen overnight. Keep at it and you will see results.

  • 4th: Remember that the fact that an egg and a sperm got together and made you, the miracle of life, and this means you are lovable.

Make Self-care a Priority  

Self-care is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your family.

Imagine you have a pot of gold inside you. Each time you do for others a piece of gold leaves the pot. When the pot is empty you have nothing left to give. What happens when you give from an empty pot? You get angry, resentful, and tired. How do you fill up your pot of gold? Self-care activities.

Self-care activities can be as simple as reading a few pages in an uplifting book or taking a walk in nature to getting a massage or a day at the spa. Take care of yourself first and you will have the energy to take care of others.

Send Love 

When things don't seem to be going your way, feel difficult, or you find yourself dealing with a difficult person, love is the ultimate tool. Send love to yourself and to the difficult situation or person and watch how  the difficulty falls away. Love can dissipate any situation.

Choose Your Friends Wisely 

How do your friends make you feel? Do they lift you up when you are down? Or do they berate you and tear you down? When I decided to love myself I was shocked to learn how many negative friends I had accumulated. Friends that I let tear me down, who saw the glass as half empty, and were unable to be responsible for their own live, but knew what was best for my life. I needed friends that would support me, lift me up, believe in me and cheer me on. I let go of the negative friends. I did not announce we were breaking up, I just quit calling them and they did not seem to miss me. When you have negative family members you cannot let go of, just limit your time with them. When one of my negative family members starts down the path of negativity, it is time for me to go.

Forgive and Forgive Again 

Forgiveness is letting go of past events and the hope that they could have been different. Past events are over and cannot change. It means you are no longer being held hostage by the past. It takes a lot of energy to hold a grudge. Forgiveness is something you do for yourself. You are letting yourself off the hook and ending the control lack of forgiveness has over your life. It possesses a healing power.

About Julee Hunt

Julee Hunt grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan spending her summers on the shores of Lake Michigan. Her first book, "You Are WORTHY! Even When You Believe Otherwise - A Guide for the Overwhelmed Perfectionist" became #1 the day it was released. A witty and engaging speaker and author, Julee is a Worthiness Warrior that offers inspiration to transform hopelessness, exhaustion, and depression into purpose, playfulness and meaning.

She spent 25 years climbing the corporate ladder only to find out the ladder was leaning against the wrong building. It took a painful layoff and life pausing illness for this former corporate Director to transform her own "soul-sucking" ways. She devoted herself to healing and studying to profoundly change her mindset and reclaim her own worthiness. Today, she successfully inspires audiences and guides others to do the same.

She has appeared on the Oprah Show, in the Hay House "A Trainers Guide to Infinite Possibilities Certification Course," and was featured on the My Best Life podcast. Julee is also a certified Infinite Possibilities trainer. 

She and her husband travel the country in their motor home and consider home wherever they are parked. She is a hiking enthusiast, an adventurous traveler, an avid reader, and seeks peace through meditation and journaling.

For more information on Julee and her purpose, visit her website