I'm redesigning my life. 

A brand and marketing professional, I was born in Connecticut and have been roaming ever since (Illinois, Maryland, South Carolina, Alabama, Rome, London, Wiesbaden, Texas). I graduated with a BS in Internatioanl Business and Marketing from the University of South Carolina in 2010 and with a Master's Degree in International Marketing from Hult International Business School in 2014. 

I've been in the fashion and fitness industries for the past 8 years working with dynamic brands ranging from start ups to global companies (Marketing Expert, Accenture.Senior Consultant, Carat Media Agency. UK Brand Manager, Kit and Ace. Marketing Director, BOOM Cycle. Global Associate Product Line Manager, Under Armour.). My technical experience spans the Facebook Advertising platform, brand management, brand strategy, community and experiential marketing, strategic partnerships, PR, social media, and media and communications strategy.

Haus von Albe is my catch all. The foundation for my passions, interests, and career. Welcome to my home!